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The Power of Partnership, Innovation and Learning
Boys Smiling

Boys Smiling

Science Experiments
Girl Smiling during PE class
Students Smiling
Boys in the Gym
Girls at the School Dance
Azucena in the Cafeteria
Ms. Gentry with Students in the Cafeteria
Gentlemen doing Science Experiments
Student Smiling
Boys during lunch
Student getting ready to throw a ball during PE
Student serving the ball during 8th Grade Volleyball Game
Students during lunch
Girls during break
Girls in the Cafeteria
8th Grade Volleyball team during a game
Mentos Experiment in progress
Getting to put Mentos in for the Experiment
Boys in the cafeteria
Students playing around with a Volleyball
Ms. Gentry with students in front of the student store
Students out during break
Student Reading in the Library
Students at a school dance with face paint
Ms. N with a student during PE
Mr. Merritt kneeling down helping students during class
MMMM Slushy
Mr. Wright with student
Students posing during lunch
Students smiling
Students in the Gym
Staff in the Cafeteria
Boys at a dance
Students posing during break
Students posing during break
Students in class
6th Graders in class
Students in the SEM hallway
Students smiling
Dolphin Fan smiling
Students sitting on the new tables behind the gym
Students posing for the picture
Students performing experiments in Mrs. Schmieding Chavez's class
Student setting up the camera
Student hiking a football
Students with their faces painted
Student smiling during band class
Students messing around during PE
Students smiling during break
students eating lunch near the Redwoods
Student using Cell phone
Students posing for photo
Student smiling
Staff smiling in the Cafeteria
Students playing their flutes
Students standing near the back of the gym
Students smiling
Students in the cafeteria
Students near Redwood Trees
Students in the cafeteria
Students in class
8th Grade Volleyball students in class
Students smiling
Students Smiling
Students performing an experiment
Students smiling in the Quad
Student making faces
Thumbs up
Jennifer in the Cafeteria
Student in PE
Joe with Students on the edge of the Quad
Students posing
Students posing at Lunch
Students in the Cafeteria playing UNO
PBIS Award

PBIS Silver

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Winter Break is from Friday, 12/20/19-1/3/20. School will be back in session Monday, January 6, 2020!........... Las Vacaciones de Invierno son del viernes, 12/20/19-1/3/20. Las clases comienzan de nuevo el lunes, 6 de enero de 2020.

Independent Study/Estudio Independiente

Parents, if you are planning to take your students out of school for five or more days, please contact the office at least two weeks prior to make arrangements for independent study. Padres, si están planeando sacar a su estudiante por cinco o mas días, por favor contacte a la oficina por lo menos dos semanas en avanzado para hacer arreglos de estudio independiente.