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Physical Education Make-Up Sheet

Pomolita Middle School Physical Education – Make-Ups Assignment
Mr. Schwartz ([email protected])
Ms. Nouzovsky ([email protected])
Mr. Gaston ([email protected])
and Mr. Wright ([email protected])

Being safe, being respectful, & being responsible = Having FUN and creating FITNESS for life!
Remember our PE Department Goals: ALL students will …
● develop physical competency and literacy in motor skills, movement patterns
required to perform a variety of physical activities,
● increase understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics
through the application and performance of physical activities,
● learn the importance of regular physical activity in achieving and maintaining a
health-enhancing level of physical fitness,
● apply knowledge of physical education concepts and principles to maintain and/or
improve personal levels of physical fitness,
● practice and demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior toward self and
others in a physical education setting, and
● expand overall appreciation for and value of physical activity for health,
enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interactions.

FIVE Ways to make-up (Choose ONE) for each day missed, Attach to this form (READ CAREFULLY TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT):
1. ACTIVITY LOG: Write/log down activities done with the time (i.e. 30 mins
minimum) and type (e.g. running) of exercise completed. Write a 1/2 page summary
of the activity. 
2. WATCH A SPORTS GAME/EVENT: Write a 1-page summary of the
game/event. For instance, what teams were playing (if team event), type of
event/game, main points you believe are important as it relates to PE, etc.
3. RESEARCH A SPORT/ACTIVITY: Choosing a sport or activity you do not
know much about (lacrosse, water polo, gymnastics, team handball, etc.), write a
1-page summary about what you learned, strategies, equipment needed, and any
interesting rules.
magazine, online source, write a 1-page summary of the article. Please cite the
source (i.e. Ukiah Daily Journal, Men’s/Women’s Health, etc.).
5. COLLAGE: Create, with cut outs, from magazines or newspapers to create a
health/physically active poster on a piece of poster paper. Be creative!

Student Name (Print Neatly): ____________________________________ Period: ___
Parent Name (Print Neatly): _______________________________________________
Parent Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ___________